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Team building increases the efficiency and effectiveness of personnel and improves employee interaction, one proven key to business success.
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Team Building: Why Is It Important for Your Business?

Team building helps to create a team spirit among employees. Ideally, it consists of a set of measurable outcomes. The main task is to increase efficiency and effectiveness and improve interactions between team members, one long-established key to business success.

One of the most compelling reasons for corporate team-building activities is to develop a “well-played …

Disability challenges can unconsciously cloud the judgment of recruiters and human resources personnel, but it doesn't need to be that way.
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Disability Challenges: Minimizing Their Impact on Hiring and Advancement

Disability challenges come in all shapes and sizes. A person with disabilities (PWD) typically has a much harder time thriving in our society because of restrictions others do not face…or even think about. This can be especially true when it comes to career opportunities, hiring practices, and advancement.

Because of their disabilities, some employers — …

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Elements of a Great Company Culture

A great company culture can help a company recruit the best candidates as well as improve productivity. Therefore, entrepreneurs and small business owners should start building their company culture from day one. However, what do you understand when you think about company culture? Office game rooms, free snacks or casual Fridays? There are much more …

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The Two Types of Work Environments, aka “Cultures”

Peter Drucker, the guru of organizational development consulting, was quoted as saying that “culture eats strategy for lunch.”

Company “culture” is defined as “how people within an organizational environment communicate and behave based on real or perceived values, beliefs, and rules (both written and unwritten).”

There are two types of company cultures:

A “compliance” culture,…
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