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    Job Hunting Through The Holidays

    Can I tell you a little secret?

    Smart people keep job hunting through the holidays.

    Smart people realize a few things about job hunting through the holidays:

    There is less competition Hiring managers are still looking HR professionals get to pick from a very smart and select group

    Family Will Understand

    Your friends and family …

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    How to Stay Productive During Holidays

    Office Gift Rules

    Holidays are the greatest time of the year. However, they are also productivity killers since you have to juggle with work, parties, shopping, travel plans, finances, taxes and many more. With so many things on your plate, there is a good chance that you will lose focus in the office. Below are some productivity tips …

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    Use the Holidays to Boost Your Brand

    As a freelance copywriter, I often work solo. Most of the time, I like it that way. But around the holidays, I try to branch out and be a little more visible in front of my clients.

    This is not only good because it lets me show gratitude to my clients, but it lets me …

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    Teases, Code Words, and Dances for Holiday Branding

    “Can I just relax now?” you’re asking. “I’ve been working hard all year building my career, my brand, and my job. I’m going home for the holidays and I need a break.” Okay. You can have one for a little while, but your Holiday Branding Elf (me) asks that you don’t waste golden opportunities in …

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