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    Increase Your Possibility Pipeline

    Job seekers, salespeople, and entrepreneurs will occasionally face the uncertainty of an uphill battle. Most often that skirmish takes place in the form of self-talk. Those astute in observing facial expressions and body language will spot the inferior self-confidence long before a conversation ever begins. It is the negative thought that will prevent one from …

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    3 Most Important Tactics for Job Interviews

    Every job interview has three parts. It starts with the introduction, goes on to the purpose of the interview, and ends with the closing of the interview. If you understand the objective of each part—from the interviewer’s point of view—you can increase your chances of beating your competition. After all, someone will be hired. Will …

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    Are You Ready for A New Career In the New Year?

    Signals for the Time is Now

    No doubt your career has seen twists and turns along with a steady stream of endeavors. It has undoubtedly brought both challenges and reward. It’s comfortable, and you know what needs to be done each day until the realization hits that the same old no longer works.

    Focus plus …

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    How to Spot a Top Sales Producer

    The question arose whether a Hiring Manager should select extroverted or introverted salespeople who interview. There isn’t a definitive answer to the question, because it’s the wrong question to be asked. There are far better indicators that will reveal the potential each candidate may bring to the company.


    Before any interview takes place, it …

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    How to Change Your Career

    You feel that you are stuck in a job that doesn’t satisfy you. You want to change your career but don’t know where to start or how to do it. You also need your paycheck so you don’t want to quit your job before finding your dream career. In this case, the below 5 step …

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    How to Win in Today’s Job Market

    It is well-known that in today’s economy, job seekers face unprecedented challenges. One of them is the large numbers of applicants chasing just a few openings, but another is their lack of understanding of the rules of the competition. Many discount the fact that employers use different methods of selecting final candidates by applying certain …

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    How to Detect the Interviewer’s Personality

    During all of my corporate working years, my subordinates and associates heard me say, “Nobody impresses me the first 60 days on the job.” I must have said that dozens of times because I truly believe the thought. Basically, via that sentence I was expressing the concept that the impression one makes in the job …

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    Three Questions Every Interviewee MUST Be Ready to Answer

    Interviews are stressful.

    You never know what to expect.

    But, you SHOULD expect these three questions.

    Or at least some variation of them.

    Be Prepared or Else

    I suggest you be ready to answer the following three questions. They may not be asked in this same way, but some variation of them will (eventually) be …

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    How to Answer “Have you Ever Been Fired?”

    Being fired or “let go” from a job is not necessarily something you bring up in discussion with people or want to talk about, especially if your next employer is the one asking the question. However, you’re going to have to face the facts that during the interview process you’ll be asked about the gap …

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    How to Improve Your Interviewing Skills

    An interview is a business transaction wherein the objective of the hiring manager (the person who has the authority to hire) is to make a selection among job candidates called in for interviews. A candidate has two challenges: first, to convince the hiring manager that he is the ideal candidate for the position, and second, …

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