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    How to Make Money with Your Blog

    If you have taken the leap and started up a blog, then you will be pleased to know that you can actually make money from your blog. You may have started blogging without even thinking about the money-making aspect too much. However, this is a very real possibility. There are a few steps you can …

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    Objectively Evaluate Your Job Offers, Not Emotionally

    working together

    Before you start getting job offers start a list of all the factors about a job that are important to you. List them down the left side of the page. Things like: -title -money -commute -potential for advancement -number of people to manage -budget size -flexibility of schedule -outside learning opportunities -dress code -culture -global …

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    7 Career Perks of Having a Side Gig

    A recent study by Contently found that just over 1/5 of workers who freelance professionally do so in addition to a full-time job — and it’s not hard to see why. With the economy and job-market still shaky and salaries stubbornly refusing to budge, a growing number of workers are learning that the best way …

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    Never Work Just For Money

    People work to earn money and make a living. That is the reality. If we don’t earn money, we cannot fulfill our basic needs such as shelter, food and clothing. However, you shouldn’t let money control you. Otherwise, you can never find happiness and satisfaction.

    The trouble today is that most people work in jobs …

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    Personal Branding Interview #2: Kimberly Palmer

    Today, I spoke to Kimberly Palmer, who is the author of Generation Earn, and is a Senior Editor for US News & World Report. I’ve spoken to Kimberly before back in late 2008, so I figured I’d catch up with her again. In this interview, she talks about how your financial life impacts your career, …

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