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    Technology and Ethics In the Workplace

    Work Ethics

    There are many positives of technology in the workplace and it definitely changed the way that we work. However, there are downsides of it too. Some employers violate basic human rights of their employees and are being unethical due to too much technology. There are many lawsuits on privacy rights and ethical behavior in the …

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    Mastering Hygiene on LinkedIn

    Business Woman Technology

    Have you done a LinkedIn Checkup lately?

    If not, now is the time.

    It won’t take long and it’s not hard.

    Over the last few weeks I have written a series of posts about Mastering LinkedIn. The topics were purposely short and consumable. I created short videos for each of them and posted the written …

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    Mastering the LinkedIn Private View

    website design branding

    Who’s been looking at your LinkedIn Profile?

    What LinkedIn Profiles have you been looking at?

    There are three options for LinkedIn profile privacy.

    This LinkedIn option is part of the Privacy Settings that allows you to determine how much information you share when you are viewing someone else’s LinkedIn Profile.

    I’ll explore all three of …

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    How Facebook May Have Ruined Its Brand

    Facebook has been in the news a lot lately, but unfortunately for them that’s not a good thing. Users have been up in arms over recent changes to Facebook’s privacy policy – which is only the latest in a series of changes that have many people questioning their use of the prevailing social network.

    I …

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    5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Trust Social Networks

    The most common clash I see between the social network user and the hosting company is that users want functionality and free connectivity, while companies are looking to pleasure investors by generating revenue. The reason why MySpace won’t exist in five years is because they chose advertising over the user experience, whereas Facebook did the …

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