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Tips For Positioning Your Book In A Crowded Field

One of the best examples of book title positioning and personal branding I’ve found in a long time is Jennifer Lee’s The Right-Brain Business Plan: A Creative, Visual Map for Success.

I was immediately impressed by the book’s positioning,  it’s excellent execution, and its strong sales. The more I looked and read, the more I …

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How to Say “No” Without Damaging Your Brand

Everyone who wants a strong brand must learn how to say “no” without damaging their brand.

Branding success for both businesses and individuals involves more than just attracting and building a loyal following; it also requires retaining your followers’ loyalty…even when you have to say “no.”

You can’t turn your brand “on” or “off” like …

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Are You Using The Right Words For Your Brand?

Are you using the right words to build your personal brand in your resume, marketing materials, and social media updates?

Often, there’s a disconnect, or gap, between the words used in resumes, marketing materials, & day-to-day social marketing, and the personal brand an individual is trying to build.

Personal brand building is impossible if you’re …

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7 Keys to an Effective Blogging Strategy

Do you have an effective blogging strategy that guides your blogging and keeps it focused on building your personal brand?

Or, are you a “reactive” blogger, working harder than you need to, always looking for topics to blog about at the last minute?

Authors blogging to build interest in their upcoming books and small business …

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Brochures Versus One Sheets For Selling Your Services

It’s time for a fresh look at the pros and cons of brochures versus one sheets for selling your services to prospective clients or employers.

Your choice of brochures versus one sheets  is critical in today’s fast-moving, attention-starved, Internet world.

Start by exploring your options with an open mind, rather than automatically choosing what worked …

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7 Tips For Modeling Your 2012 Personal Branding Success

Save time during 2012 by modeling your personal branding success on the ideas, strategies, and tactics of authors and small business owners who have already built strong personal brands.

Avoid the temptation to constantly reinvent the wheel. Look around you for examples of marketing and personal brand building success that you can model and adapt.…

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Do You Want To Become An Entrepreneur In 2012?

Yesterday, a Published & Profitable member called told me he was becoming an entrepreneur in 2012, buoyed by his responses to the questions Dan Schawbel asked in Me 2.0 Revised and Updated Edition: 4 Steps to Building Your Future.

After many years in higher education,  Mark decided to look beyond a “job” during 2012 and …