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7 Content Marketing Tips for Small Business Success

Content marketing is a small business marketing tool that helps the Davids of business compete against their Goliath competitors.

Content marketing is a brand-building technique that helps individuals and businesses build lasting relationships with clients, customers, and prospects using helpful & relevant information shared in an editorial, i.e., non-selling, format.

It’s a technique as useful …

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7 Writing Tips for Small Business Owners

The following 7 writing tips for small business owners who dislike writing have little to do with grammar, vocabulary, or inherited talent.

The reason many small business owners dislike writing is that they don’t give themselves a chance…they don’t have a simple structure, process, system, for creating the ongoing stream of content needed to build …

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2011’s Best Gifts for Authors and Small Business Owners

Here are 7 suggested gift ideas for the tech-savvy brand-building authors and small business owners in your life.

I tried to choose gifts that offer genuine day-to-day utility and brand-building value for today’s smartphone and iPad-carrying, brand-building authors and small business owners. But, I also wanted suggestions that also incorporated elements of engagement, personality, and …

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Old Versus New Approaches To Building A Personal Brand

To get a better idea of the differences between old versus new brand building, I’s like to share 2 examples which provide a framework for evaluating your own online personal brand.

Seldom have I seen the differences between old and new approaches to brand-building illustrated as dramatically as the examples discussed below.

Old Way. The…
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12 Ways Writing a Brand-Building Book Resembles Exercise

After reading Bill Connolly’s recent interview with Jonathan Fields, and spending the day reading Jonathan Fields’ latest book, Uncertainty: Turning Fear and Doubt into Fuel for Brilliance, I was struck by the similarities between writing a brand-building book and starting an exercise program.

The more I thought about the parallels between writing and exercise, the …

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Best Practices for One Sheet Personal Brand-Building Success

One sheets are essential personal brand-building tools for authors and self-employed professionals.

They’re practical, effective, and efficient tools that can distributed for free as email attachments or website downloads. You can also use your desktop printer to print and mail them, as needed, or distribute them at networking events.

One of the best ways you …

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Writing Tools, Part 3 – iPad Applications for Authors

In less than a month, my Apple iPad, quickly became an essential writing tool helping me save time building my brand by planning, writing, promoting, and profiting from published books.

This is not to say, of course, that the iPad is a replacement for desktop or laptop computers. But, the iPad certainly complements them, adding …

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Writing Tools, Part 1 – Why Authors Need iPads

An Apple iPad can make a major contribution to your writing and marketing success, whether you’re a self-employed professional writing a book to build your brand or an entrepreneur creating social media content to market your small business.

I can understand, though, if you think I’ve overstated the benefits of writing and marketing with an …