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    Trust Beats Brains

    A recent study showed only 52% of people trust their boss.  For a leader, trust works two ways:

    1. You need to be trusted so people will choose to follow you.

    2. You need to be able to trust people you choose to work with.

    For a leader to be trusted she or he must …

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    Look ’Em in the Eye or Anywhere Else About the Head

    Eyes are powerful in communicating; no other body parts communicate quite the same. The quickest way to look uninterested, distracted, inattentive, or dishonest is to not meet the other person’s eyes or even face.

    Though most of us are taught to look people in the eye when speaking with them, few do it. People will …

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    7 Leadership Challenges You Can Effectively Overcome

    Successful businesses often have leaders who excel at developing skills, guiding employees and being a consistent voice of reason. Leadership entails ample responsibility, with a variety of common challenges associated with the leadership role. Fortunately, leaders can respond to many of these challenges with proper foresight and handling of the situation.


    Providing Timely Feedback…
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    Make the Right Blog Work for Your Personal Brand

    Having an active blog for your personal brand is an important marketing tool in which your brand can build a strong reputation and attract more leads and sales. The type of blog is essential for reaching the right target market effectively.

    There are two types of blogs that can work for your brand depending on …

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    Building Trust at Work

    Trust is essential when building a healthy and productive work environment. Whether you’re leading an entire department or you work hand-in-hand with a just a few coworkers, it’s important to build trusting relationships. Trust is essential to maintaining the company’s brand as well as supporting a healthy and fun work environment.

    Here are five tips …

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    A Good Brand is that of a “Solid Citizen”

    Having upright character is entirely self-serving: You feel good about yourself and you sleep soundly. You don’t fear how your actions will look in the newspaper or in the blogosphere. You need not agonize over how your kids, partner, parents, friends, classmates, neighbors, and co-workers will view you. Being a solid citizen is the ultimate …

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    Trust Yourself; You’re Not Just Lucky

     Yes, timing and luck contribute to your success. But you also contributed to your success.

    One of my early mentors, a long time member of Young Presidents Organization told me that he and his fellow YPOers had to learn to trust their competence — just like everyone else does.

    He taught me that the first …

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    Keeping Confidences – Your Secret Weapon for Success

    Have you ever heard something that you just couldn’t keep to yourself? Assuming you are older than 5… I hope you were able to resist the urge.

    Sure, there are times when we are bursting at the seams to tell someone something we just heard. What if the person that told you said… please keep …

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