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    New Generation’s Bap Rap In Workplace Is Undeserved

    There is a lot of scuttlebutt about managing multi-generations in the workforce today.

    Yet, I wonder if it’s any different, or more challenging than previous eras. I mean, hiring and managing the flower children of the 60s that transitioned into the workplace in the early 70s couldn’t have been a picnic for traditional business owners, …

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    Why the Answer ISN’T Finding Your Dream Job

    Recently I came across a blog entry, that really got me worked up.

    Basically the author complained about being 24 and not yet getting her “dream job.” While I appreciated how the advice that followed was well intentioned and somewhat informative, what really got me upset was the general attitude and premise of the discussion.…

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    Generation Y and the Workplace

    Recently I came across with a lot of studies related to Gen Y and their behaviors in corporate life. I am a member of this generation, myself, so I am writing this article for everyone who is working with people that are part of this generation.

    The studies I have read categorize Gen Y as …

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    How Success Takes a Village

    I recently completed a pilot for a new initiative at work. It was the culmination of months and months of planning, maneuvering, stakeholdering and hard work. There were a number of touch obstacles to overcome and endless coordination between a number of parties. To see the press release hit the wire and to hear positive …

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    Why The Generation Gap is Great for Your Career

    We have entered an exciting time in the evolution of the workplace. With the Millennial generation (those born approximately 1982-1995, a.k.a. Generation Y) entering the workforce in large numbers and the delay in retirement for many Baby Boomers, today’s office space is often being shared by different generations.

    There has been a lot of discussion …

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    5 Reasons Gen Y’ers Are Leaders in Branding

    When it comes to personal branding, Gen Y’ers have a few tricks up their sleeves. With their knowledge of effectively using a variety of social media platforms, Gen Y knows what it takes to build a strong personal brand.

    Personal branding is an essential tool for job seekers — and Gen Y’ers understand how to …

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    How to Be a Successful Manager-Removing Obstacles

    If we asked experts what the first job of an effective leader is, the conflicting answers would be plentiful: Some would say it’s to set a vision and goals. To others it would be to motivate the group being led. A few would even venture to single out something more clever like surrounding oneself with …

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    The One Thing That Can Make You Successful

    153. That’s the number of work emails I received yesterday. And that doesn’t even account for the 45 emails that I had to write and send (nor does it factor in my personal email accounts). Pair that with 5 hours of conference calls and an end-of-day deadline and you have a pretty packed day. Then …

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    Are You Scared of Your Boss?

    Maybe it’s Hollywood, or stories from friends, mentors and parents, but it seems that a majority of us get nervous (or at least a little edgy) when we are “called into the boss’ office?”

    It’s not a new thing either, but one that has probably gone back for generations when subjects were called in front …

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    Success at Work or Failure? Make the call

    Recently I was working on an initiative for my job that involved getting some feedback from an Executive Director at my company. I had emailed him, asking a couple of questions and requesting a meeting to discuss what I was working on.

    Over a week went by without a response. I found out that he …

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