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Understanding Millennials’ Idea of Career Success

Are hiring managers seeing eye-to-eye with you?

While the recession may have pushed Millennials to say they have more realistic expectations about career advancement, hiring managers don’t yet see a change, according to The Future of Millennial Careers, a new study released by the Career Advisory Board, presented by DeVry University.

What Makes Millennials Different?…
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Examples of Entrepreneur Blog Posts

In my last post on PersonalBrandingBlog, I discussed the different ways entrepreneurs can use Personal Branding to help them in the job search. One of the items I suggested was for entrepreneurs to start a blog as a tool to help further showcase their skill-set and ability.

Begin a blog.

You’re an entrepreneur! You enjoy …

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Entrepreneurs and Personal Branding

On my personal blog I wrote an article about how my entrepreneur friend has struggled in the job search. She wore a lot of hats at her old company and her resume demonstrated that. Unfortunately, companies aren’t looking to hire an “entrepreneur.” They are looking to hire a “sales manager,” “business development manager,” “marketing manager,” …