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Personal Brands: Are You An “Is, And, Also?” Ok!

“All the best people are!” That’s what we would have said had we met at an upper crust luncheon still roiling at 4 PM, when too much to drink caused us to wave white wine glasses as we made dramatic, inclusive gestures and generously greeted one another’s secrets. It’s under those country club settings that …

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10 Ways to Get Your Co-workers to Like You More

Forming stronger relationships with co-workers can not only make work more enjoyable, it can lead to significant forward strides in one’s success. Conversely, the inability to gain the acceptance of other workers can damage one’s ability to execute on daily tasks.

It is very rare that anyone can reach their goals without others in the …

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Job Interview : How to Avoid Negativity about Your Employer

Everyone knows this interview tip: “Don’t bad mouth about your employer”. But interesting enough this happens quite often. I got some clue when I was talking to my client Tom few weeks back. Specifically he wanted to learn how to avoid falling in trap of talking negative about his current employer. Apparently he made this …