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The Story Behind the Personal Brand

This is the era of social networking: It doesn’t only facilitate communication amongst people but also has become one of the primary windows through which businesses can connect with their customers. Whether it’s a large business or a smaller one, it can prosper greatly by harnessing the power of social media appropriately.

Therein lies the …

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When Words and Body Language Convey Two Different Messages

Communication is more than just the words we speak. Words are one half of the message in communication, with non-verbal aspect making up the other half. Body language affects a great deal of how we communicate. What we say and what we communicate are two different things, if you will. Body movements and gestures, posture, …

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Get Your Teens To Succeed: Encourage Them To Volunteer!

“It’s Cool To Be Kind” –Beth Kuhel

Best Buddies International and Friendship Circle International (FC) are not your typical volunteer organizations: Teen volunteers provide life altering friendship, companionship and mentoring for special needs children. The scope of activities is customized to the needs of the families and to the skill level of the teen volunteers. …