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How to Place a Value on Your Brand

Many professionals and business owners find it extremely difficult to assign value to themselves and their brands. For some reason, in many peoples’ minds, discussing money “cheapens” relationships.

I recently observed a conversation between several Facebook friends who are business owners. The conversation started when a friend with a growing business, already boasting celebrity clientele, …

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You Manage Your Online Reputation

With current technology, information can be accessed by a majority of online world in split seconds. The internet spreads information faster than word of mouth. You never know who gets to read about you. For entrepreneurs, how you are perceived by your connections can have tremendous effect on your business. As one who posts (sometimes …

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Personal Branding Weekly – Do You Know Who to Connect With?

As long as people do business with people and business is built on relationships, networking will be important. Online and offline networks are both important, but it’s online networking that’s powerfully driven the need to know who to connect with. After all, with the world at your virtual fingertips – who do you spend time …

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The Story Behind the Personal Brand

This is the era of social networking: It doesn’t only facilitate communication amongst people but also has become one of the primary windows through which businesses can connect with their customers. Whether it’s a large business or a smaller one, it can prosper greatly by harnessing the power of social media appropriately.

Therein lies the …

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What Your Look Says About Your Brand

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Throughout our professional lives, we’re constantly reminded about the importance of nonverbal communication. It makes up around 90 percent of all communication, meaning it’s essential to pay attention to it. The way you look and act, even before words come …