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    5 Questions to ask before starting a corporate blog

    One of the most common things I hear from people is … Should I start a blog?

    There is no simple answer.

    However, over the years I have boiled down my thinking to 5 things to consider before starting a (corporate) blog.

    Note: I put the word “corporate” in parentheses. A personal and corporate blog …

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    The Art of Reciprocity in Interviewing

    Interviews should be a dialogue. Interviews should be a conversation. Interviews should be a chance for each party to get a feel for the other. Fortunately, smart companies have changed interviews from what they were in the past. Interviews are no longer just about the needs of a company to fill a role. They have …

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    Cool, Clever Trends Help Personal Branding!

    I have been watching, following and studying trends for many years. To see how demographics, events, cycles all intersect, converge and impact our lives in such immediate and long lasting ways is fascinating! The financial and banking collapse at the end of 2008, was a long time in coming, but once it hit it changed …

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    Your Personal Brand is also About “Them”

    A friend just starting out as an independent contract worker and I were discussing her personal brand while out on the lake the other day.  “I’m not sure how I want to shape my personal brand yet,” she confessed. “I don’t know who I want to be my primary customer yet.”

    You’d think I’d stop …

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    8 Ways To Brand Yourself As A SME

    (even if you’re a Generalist)

    As I discussed in earlier articles, branding yourself as a generalist doesn’t work in today’s search driven market of job shortages and mass competition.

    Today’s employers don’t even hire generalists for jobs requiring a generalist. Employers hire subject matter expertise first, then choose the subject matter expert who also has …

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    Integrate your Personal Brand into Your Resume

    You may think a resume is just a resume—same old thing for everyone, right? Not quite. A resume can be a vital component of your personal brand. Resumes aren’t just for people seeking employment; they offer a professional overview of your experiences and help distinguish you as an individual whether you run your own business …

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    Is Perspective Killing Your Job Search?

    This is the single most important piece of information I can share with you about your personal brand.

    It will totally change the way that you approach your job search. It will change the way you write, the things you communicate and even the way you feel about your search.

    And, best of all, it’s …

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    15 Personal Branding Regrets You Don’t Want to Have

    A brief reminder of personal branding mistakes to avoid.

    1) Not thinking about what your personal branding goals should be

    Are you trying to get promoted or promote something you created? Are you trying to get into an exclusive club, prestigious organization or just a good company to work for?

    2) Not tracking your personal …

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    It All Began With A Picture

    There are no shortcuts to building a credible, durable and goal-oriented personal brand that delivers tangible results for your career and your life. As experts and those who have achieved remarkable professional and personal benefits remind us with the full authority of experience, before embarking onto any practical steps to develop our brands we must …

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    Differentiate With The Lost Art Of Gratitude

    No Thank You’s – Then No Thanks! It’s amazing how many people do not know how to say “thank you.” It’s as if they were never taught, the more you appreciate something, the more you’ll get things you can appreciate. It’s like the old adage of “What you focus on, you get”. However, 97% of …

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