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Convert Prospects To Clients With Branding Ease

“You are a breath of fresh air” is the exclamation II always heard from prospects and clients alike while in the field of professional sales. This actually became my brand.

The strategy of being “fresh air” translates beautifully into interviewing and entrepreneurship to put you into the top candidate position. If you are ever frustrated …

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Motivation Is Required To Succeed

Recently, I had an eyebrow-raising call. My Prospect said outright that although she knows her services are exactly what her clientele needs she cannot convert them to clients. After a lengthy discussion, I offered a number of suggestions of how to improve the process.

Categories of ambition

The content of my program was discussed to …

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Authors, Publishers – Everyone Needs to Brand

Some authors view writing books as their sole livelihood while others view the craft as an added dimension to their core business, plus a vehicle for building credibility with their intended clientele. The self-help books need to reveal great content and the reader’s attention must be drawn in for fiction. Upon achieving this, the author’s …