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Advance Your Personal Brand and Let Content Persuade

Personal branders know objections and resistance are a part of the personal branding process and there are many great resources that detail strategies for handling objections. Many of these strategies focus on how to handle objections verbally in either face to face encounters or over the phone. There is much less thought leadership on how …

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Win or Lose, You Choose. The Critical Skill That Builds Your Messaging Power And Everyone’s Valuation Of Your Brand

We hire the operations exec that keeps her cool under pressure; we don’t hire the guy for the C-suite marketing job, because he holds his knife and fork like a savage. We like the powerful and persuasive talker, but we offer the job to the guy who’s persuasive and listens, because he’ll gather the insights …

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You Can’t Trademark Your Name…But You Can Buy It In Google

You have probably seen the recent viral video about the guy who bought the names of some top New York ad executives in Google to help land his dream job…and it worked! Watch the video here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7FRwCs99DWg.

This brings up an interesting dilemma for individuals who want to be found in Google. Unlike companies and …

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Steve Pavlina’s 5-Point Guide to Achieving Your Personal Branding Goals

This week we’ll work on more effectively achieving your goals as you build your personal brand. Helping us today is personal development guru (and a top personal role model) Steve Pavlina, who is widely recognized as one of the most successful personal development bloggers on the web, attracting over two million monthly readers to his …