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    Graduating in This Economy

    In Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers, it is argued that the year you are born could have a monumental impact on the success you see in your lifetime.  For example, in the 1860s and 1870s, the US economy went through an amazing boom.  If you were lucky enough to be born in the 1830s, then you had …

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    Train the Trainer in Personal Branding

    I was recently asked to conduct a Train the Trainer session with Program Managers for a major university’s continuing education organization.  They wanted a brief session on the importance of Personal Branding.

    The Program Managers were specifically interested two things:

    1. The concept of personal branding as a career tool 2. How incoming students are …

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    Personal Branding on Display

    What if you were applying for a job and as part of the application, you have to write a post for the company’s blog?

    There are no other requirements for the post and you can write about anything you want.

    This is actually happening right now at an innovation consultancy in Richmond, Virginia! The company, …

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    Personal Branding in the Classroom?

    I had a discussion with a friend late last night. He is an old roommate and is now in Japan doing his last semester of law school. While he is a regular reader of my blog, he actually finds personal branding very hard to understand. I’m still trying to determine whether that’s a factor of …

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    Professor Teaches Students About Personal Branding and They Respond!

    Guest post by Chrystal Denmark Porter, the Assistant Dean of Sport Science at Endicott College, in Beverly, MA.

    Note from Dan: One of my main missions in life is to teach academia about personal branding and start an international class on the topic for freshman college students. Me 2.0: Build a Powerful Brand to Achieve …

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    College Students Fail When They Ask For Jobs Instead Of Relationships

    Within 24 hours, I’ve been given the impression that college students ask for jobs from alumni, without trying to start a relationship or at least network. I just got through speaking with one of my friends who is a freshman in college and we have a networking event today for our fraternity and he goes …

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