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    Mastering the Art of Networking: A Professional’s Guide

    Mastering networking will require stretching yourself, perhaps even attending or exhibiting at a trade show.

    Mastering the art of networking will do more than bring your brand an immediate bump in business. As you network, you’ll develop connections and find mentors who’ve gone before you. The best way to master the art of networking is by embracing the spirit of the endeavor. The goal isn’t just to line your own …

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    Four Professional Alternatives to “F**k You”

    When we were bright-eyed young career starters, we undoubtedly all had a certain vision of our career-self as a true professional. We’d wear snappy suits and swan out to important client meetings and say things like “tell Jack it’s imperative that I have the xyz file on my desk by 5pm”.

    Moreover, we’d be the …

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    8 Rules for Replying to Angry Customers on Facebook


    Your business recently took a catastrophic nosedive. Maybe you aren’t keeping up with order fulfillment or you sent out a bad batch of product. Customers are blowing up your Facebook with negative reviews, angry comments, and bad juju. Whatever the case may be, just know this: it happens. The next few moves are crucial to …

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    Mastering the LinkedIn Unvite

    There are times when you realize you need to pull back.

    I’m talking about LinkedIn invites.

    And, there is nothing wrong with this.

    Why Unvites are OK and When to Use Them (video)

    Reality Check

    Have you ever sent out a bunch of LinkedIn invitations? Who hasn’t?

    Maybe you just joined a new company or…
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    You Can Change Your Reputation at Work. Here’s How.

    Whether you went off the deep end one day after a little too much liquid at lunch, lost your temper and kicked the trash can across the office, never meet a deadline, are late to work every single day, or you are known for starting rumors faster than the laser printer kicks out pages, you …

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    How to Handle Rejection

    Rejection is a natural part of life.  Whether by someone we found attractive, our top college pick, or the sports team we didn’t make, we have all, at some point,  felt the pain and disappointment of being rejected.

    Nowhere is rejection more common than in job search. And just like every other aspect of the …

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    5 Rules of Thumb for Proper E-mail E-tiquette

    I’m currently recruiting for several positions, so I’ve been receiving tons of e-mails from job seekers applying for our open jobs.  It was while going through these submissions that I got the inspiration for this post.  One of the messages I received was a very brief e-mail with a resume attached.  The e-mail simply stated …

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    It’s the Little Things, Stupid

    I shot a video recently where my first boss said I was “a bit of a mess” out of college. Some people have asked if I was offended by that statement and the answer is absolutely not. For starters, it’s the truth, but – more importantly – if I hadn’t been such a disaster when …

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    5 Things You Can Do Right Now to Organize Information

    Does this sound familiar?

    You read an AWESOME article online and you promised you’d save it somewhere… but you didn’t. So you go to find it… but you can’t… and eventually you just forgot about it altogether.

    You’re not alone.

    Regardless of where you are on your personal branding journey, true success requires a systematic …

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    Discovering Your Message

    I have the privilege of teaching an MBA course on social media and, out of 12 sessions total in the spring semester, I’m dedicating three to the topic of personal branding.

    Why would I devote a full quarter of the class to one subject when there are so many other “cool” things like Twitter and …

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