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    Direct Sellers and Small Businesses: How to Socially Bounce

    Social media is one of the latest tools that direct sellers and small businesses can utilize in reaching their audience and engaging with their consumers. Brands of today realize the importance of establishing a presence in the online world, since this is the way most people are now connecting with the businesses, brands, and products …

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    Small Business: Prepare Your Blog To Go Big

    Many small and medium-sized business owners have seen the advantages of having a blog. It’s a way to interact with their consumers, build a relationship, and update them regularly about the brand. Today, businesses are really seeing the importance of conversation with their customers. It isn’t enough for them to satisfy the consumer’s need – …

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    Values: the Backbone of Your Brand

    It has become customary for reputed companies and organizations to include a statement about their professed and espoused values and policies in their webpages. From Nestlé’s ‘Creating Shared Value‘ to Zara’s ‘Mission Statement‘ and including ATK downloadable ‘Corporate Social Responsibility Report‘, industry giants have been diligent to craft carefully-worded statements we have come to expect …

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    Employee Turned Entrepreneur: Thinking of Taking the Plunge?

    As an employee turned entrepreneur myself, this is a plunge I have taken and coach clients on from a career, business, and personal level. With nearly 30MM job seekers, including 14MM unemployed, and a job search process that takes over 211 days to land a new job, it’s no wonder many professionals are wondering if …

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    Personal Branding Interview: Jason Keith

    Today, I spoke to Jason Keith, who is the senior communications manager at Vistaprint and runs the small business blog at Boston.com. In this interview, Jason talks about how social media can waste a small businesses time, tips for companies who want to build a brand in this bad economy, and much more.

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    Personal Branding Interview: Deborah L. Cohen

    Today, I spoke to Deborah L. Cohen, who is a veteran business reporter with a knack for writing financial stories that cross over into the areas of general interest, law, science and health. For the past three years, she has produced a weekly column about issues facing entrepreneurs and small business owners for Reuters.com. In …

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