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    Are You Grabbing Audience Attention?


    It is far easier to sell something if your prospective clientele is already familiar with the service and product. But if you are starting up a business or half-way to where you wish to be, the process of trying to grow sales can be extremely frustrating. This is particularly so if you do not have …

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    Create Strategy For the New Year Today


    Building confidence as one builds business is the secret to getting ahead. Early stage entrepreneurs are frequently intimidated by those with more experience. And middle-stage businesspeople are often reluctant to step up to play a biggter game. Those who never take the risk to try more most often have to end their business.

    Treat everyone …

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    5 Tips to Ease Into the Money Conversation


    The topic of money appears to be very scary for those who most need to bring up the topic. This group would include sales professionals and entrepreneurs.

    It is critical to become comfortable with the subject, because otherwise you may well kill the sale. The reason is people begin to think the following of you:…

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    5 Hiring Mistakes That Kill Recruiting Efficiency


    Hiring great employees is as is crucial as it is complex. Nothing matters more in winning than getting the right people in the right places.

    For this reason, organizations all over the world spend countless money, time and energy pursuing top candidates. While some consistently get ahead and recruit those who have passion, audacity and …

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    6 Errors to Avoid As You Build Sales


    Make Your Prospective Client the Star Attraction

    Wrong Focus

    The biggest problem most people unwittingly make while attempting to sell is they lose focus for what is truly important. Sales can be so easy if you are willing to just stop and think about your prospective client instead of your own goals.

    It’s up to …

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    Reach Larger Audiences with Succinct and Thoughtful Communication


    Geometry tells us that a diagonal is the shortest path. Likewise, succinct communication with the end goal in mind is the shortest route for accomplishment. However, with communication it is necessary to be aware of balancing directness with diplomacy.

    Providing and Accepting Feedback

    Stomachs sometimes turn upon hearing very negative feedback. However, it is these …

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    Massage and Redirect Business Aches into New Revenue Streams


    Unfortunately, most entrepreneurs find themselves alone with thoughts of quitting when initial trials continually turn out to be errors. Depression sets in while the thought of quitting the endeavor magnifies to appear as the only option. But we all know that options are infinite.

    The next choice is what truly matters. When these down days …

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    Would You Improve Communication With Your Clientele?


    Many people make the pronouncement that they specialize in… Only when you approach them to learn more, it turns out they don’t know a whole lot about your segment of the population. Their misleading statement turns into wasted time and frustration.

    The improved approach is to wait until you fully understand your targeted clientele before …

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    Conversation and Questions Move to Yes


    Experience and observation teaches almost all you need to know in terms of what not to do in regards to meeting someone for the first time. The moment you become irritated or downright angry is the perfect time to make a mental note to not do the same. And if you are into empowering your …

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    Turn Grief into Community Service


    On occasion life hands us circumstances that we would not wish on others. But when we are dealt a blow it needs to be dealt with careful thought and proactively. Two such situations arose just this week. Personal insights based upon an experience of over a decade ago provided insight for the two people facing …

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