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    Four Tips for Effective Leadership Communications


    Business owners and key executives create their company culture and that culture drives their organization’s results. If you are a leader who is not getting the results you want, it’s important to make an honest evaluation of your communications skills.

    Some cultures are created by default, passively letting people act autonomously based upon their individual …

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    How to Brand Yourself to the Top


    If you want to get to the top of the career ladder, you need to build your brand!

    Being in the staffing industry, I’ve interviewed hundreds of people and am amazed by how many people tell me they want my job straight out of high school or college with no experience and no reputation. They …

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    KPIs: Metrics for Business Success


    My last post, Cash Is King in Small Business, discussed the importance of cash and the potential pitfalls of focusing on sales as a business metric. Growing sales can actually choke off cash and create more financial problems than it solves.

    Beyond cash and sales, there are a myriad of possible measurements that business owners …

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    Are you routinely taking these 5 steps to make the sale?


    We invariably and continually make changes in our lives. While the topics are endless, the approach for each holds five basic steps in common. Routinely making these steps a habitual practice will serve to improve your results.


    Email and social media are perfect examples of people attempting to sell without knowing a thing about …

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    7 Keys to Entrepreneur Success


    Successful entrepreneurs exhibit a series of traits and behaviors that set their businesses apart from their competition. Striving for perfection in every area is, of course, next to impossible. But with an awareness of what has made business leaders in the past successful, getting close to perfection is achievable.

    Here are 7 key ways to …

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    Cash Is King In Small Business


    In my last post titled Big Revenues for Small Businesses, we considered the need for an organized sales function to drive revenue growth and allow the owner/entrepreneur to gain back critical time for general management activities… and possibly work/life balance improvements.

    So, let’s assume you have your sales function well organized and revenues are ramping …

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    Why Should I Do Business with You?


    The title of the article says it all when it comes to leading effective meetings. As the sales executive, you are the leader when meeting with clientele.

    False Start

    On occasion you may hear someone say, “I can talk to you now, but I only have a few minutes. In a snapshot, tell me what …

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    One Geometric Principle Smartly Leverages Business


    Business operating with a single threaded mindset rarely survives for very long. These owners are the same ones who frequently proclaim, “You should do” but it’s usually a singular piece of a complex puzzle.

    Unfortunately most people who make pronouncements like that aren’t aware of the missing pieces. But by putting them all together to …

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    Big Revenue for Small Businesses


    In case you missed it, I just completed a series of posts that addressed Big Challenges for Small Business Owners. The three challenge discussed were people, finances and time. Assuming you have these three big challenges under control, what’s next?

    Let me suggest one obvious topic: Sales.

    Many successful entrepreneurs and small business owners have …

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    How to Easily Increase Sales


    The seller’s demeanor is what will either negatively or positively begin the sale cycle that either leads to an answer of “no” or “Yes!”

    In order to attract a positive flow of sales, the following adjectives come to mind: Be respectful, kind, thoughtful, inquisitive, an advisor and a benefactor. The last descriptor, “benefactor” refers to …

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