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    5 Tips to Make the Right 1st Impression

    No matter what you are doing, as an entrepreneur, you are networking for the company you created. For that reason, you have to learn how to make a good first impression. You never know when the person you are talking to will be your next client or your next major contract.

    Here are five tips …

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    Conference Strategy Leads to Strong Business Results


    The Dreamforce Conference has grown exponentially in size compared to its humble beginnings. Frequently, when business faces enormous growth spurts, the fast pace sometimes throws the company off of its game, but not this time. This, too, became a rousing success.

    What was difference and what can entrepreneurs learn from the lesson?

    While insider details are …

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    Personal Branding Weekly – Have Strings Attached Always

    Strings Attached photo from Shutterstock

    I’ll best illustrate this with the use of a listening-to-the-radio analogy. If you listen to the radio, you have a couple of (or more) stations you like to listen to, maybe for the music they play or the programs they feature. However, should you hear something you don’t like (songs you don’t appreciate, too many …

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    6 Ways to Get Your First Client

    Close Deal photo from Shutterstock

    Encouraging referrals is the best way to grow your business. However, as a new entrepreneur, to obtain referrals you have to have clients. Getting that first client can be one of the biggest challenges in getting your business off the ground. Fortunately, there are things you can do to entice new clients into hiring you.…

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    Growing Your Personal Brand Facebook Fan Page

    A few years back, Facebook opened the door of opportunity for attracting new prospects and fans with their Pages (different than a Facebook Profile). Then came the implementation of Facebook Graph search along with its updated algorithm and Page configurations which has caused these online relationships to dwindle. But having a strong brand presence on …

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    Word of Mouth Starts by Owning Your Contacts

    Contact List photo from Shutterstock

    Your connections begin in your own database. When I’m asked about how to “own your game”, or dominate your niche, the first place I begin asking about is what do you know about your database?

    Word of Mouth marketing starts by owning your contacts

    Even those born within this last minute, already have a handful of …

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    The 7 Real Reasons You Need to Be an Expert at Something

    Expert Advise photo from Shutterstock

    Employing authority marketing as a strategy to grow your brand and increase your reach as a business has many benefits.

    Authority marketing, which could also be referred to as expert marketing, simply means that you become known as an expert within your field. Most of the time, the process involves you helping customers overcome a …

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    Revitalize the Prison to Attract Audiences

    Freedom photo from Shutterstock

    The idea was brilliant! The decision makers in San Francisco agreed to transform the famed Alcatraz prison into a space for promoting local artistic talent. No doubt, with the success of the first show, many more events will be held at that location. Whereas the prison was once a dreaded place to be, Alcatraz now …

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    Learning to Dance: An Interview with Ben Weston

    Ben Weston

    Recently, I had the privilege of speaking to Ben Weston, a professional dance and confidence coach for men. Ben has an interesting story, going from someone terrified of dancing to an authority on the artform. We discussed his history, how dance has helped give him more confidence, and the impact dance can have on anyone’s life.…

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    Personal Branding Weekly – Affirming Your Goals

    Look at Goal photo from Shutterstock

    It happens to every entrepreneur.

    Sometimes it happens several times a week or even a day.

    You question – why do I do what I’m doing?  Should I do what I’m doing? Isn’t it easier to just work for someone else?

    Business doesn’t have to be bad for these questions to arise.

    I know I’ve …

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