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    Multimedia eBooks: Extending Your Content and Your Brand


    This is my first post for Dan’s blog and I’m thrilled to be Personal Branding’s newest contributor. My goal here at Personal Branding is to share video tips and ways you can connect with your audience without being plastic or pushy. As a video coach, I’ve worked with journalists, nonprofits, and business folks for …

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    3 Common Branding Mistakes of the Digital Age

    Most professionals and business owners who use social media don’t have a grasp on branding. They didn’t go to school to learn it and it’s not their strength.

    Branding is how you define yourself with the goal of being distinct from other people or companies. Your name, your picture and your content define who you …

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    The Secret to Building Your Brand on Twitter

    As of earlier this year, Twitter has over 140 million active users and 340 million tweets are sent each day. But most small-business owners start using Twitter without any clear strategy of how to grow their company’s fan base on the platform. Even though Twitter is free, it can be a major time suck if …

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    It All Began With A Picture

    There are no shortcuts to building a credible, durable and goal-oriented personal brand that delivers tangible results for your career and your life. As experts and those who have achieved remarkable professional and personal benefits remind us with the full authority of experience, before embarking onto any practical steps to develop our brands we must …

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    Brand Mathematics: The Synergy Of The Future?

    Plato is right once more. And so is Alfred North Whitehead when he claimed that all Western philosophy was nothing but footnotes to the towering figure of ancient Greek thought. If in Plato’s Academy (the original academy that gave its name to all the ‘academies’ that followed) a message written in giant letters at the …

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    Building a Celebrity Brand Through YouTube

    As an aspiring entertainer, it used to be that you spent every waking moment working toward your dream, with only a small hope of ever bearing the fruits of your labor. For a musician, singing at dive bars and airport lounges, sending demos to record labels, and praying that someone in the industry could see …

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    Media Branding in the Digital Age

    What comes to mind when you hear the term, “Media?” Go ahead; I’ll give you a second to sort it out. The truth is today most people don’t know what to make of the countless number of ‘media’ sources that exist. We struggle to consume news because there is too much of it, and there …

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    Personal Branding on Google+

    [Note: this post was first published on AMEX OpenForum.com]

    Our personal branding strategy may soon include Google+. This new breed of social network has features you won’t find on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or LinkedIn. The Google+ technology allows you to filter and group your friends into “Circles,” which reflect how we decipher relationships in real …

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    Personally Dominate Mobile Marketing

    Mobile is an area of fascination for many advertisers and marketers, partially because it is confounding. Ideally, mobile commerce is more efficient than search because its targeted consumers aren’t those sitting on couches and thinking about purchasing something. Instead, the campaigns are focused on consumers who are out in the real world and are very …

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    Online Branding Platforms Face-Off

    How many websites do you have an online presence on? Three? Five? Maybe even upwards of ten?

    While perhaps it’s unrealistic to expect you to eliminate accounts to simplify your online brand, it can be difficult to keep track of all of your profiles, particularly if someone is searching for you on a specific site.…

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