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    Is Branding Essential In User Interface-Friendly Design?

    Branding via user interface design and experience has been shown to increase sales revenue by 23%. Across all channels, consistency pays off.

    Whenever you hear the words “utterly, butterfly, delicious” or see a swoosh mark, what’s the first thing you think of? Be honest.

    Whenever you hear those three words, you might naturally think of Amul, “The Taste of India.” Whenever you encounter that distinctive swoosh, recalling Nike to mind is natural.

    This is what powerful branding …

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    6 Tips for Content That Converts

    Name a major company, and you can bet it invests in content marketing. Among those with 100 or more employees, 84.5 percent use the tactic to build awareness and generate leads. So why is it that barely half of B2B marketers think it produces “good” ROI?

    The reason is simple: Not all content converts. Content …

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    How To Create A Business Game Plan For Your Personal Brand

    content marketing

    Your personal brand needs to have a plan in place for your projected growth, regardless of whether you’re new to Internet marketing and branding, or a seasoned participant. Ask yourself, where do you see your business going in the next few years?

    Having a passion for what you do is essential to success along with …

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    How Google Discover Affects Search And SEO For Your Personal Brand


    The latest Google Discover search update may be a game changer for brands who need to improve their SEO strategy. With more intuitive features your content may now become more visible with the right approach.

    The latest change by the search engine giant is designed to understand the intent and contextual meaning of a query.…

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    The Latest Content Marketing Strategy Changes For Personal Brands

    content marketing

    In order to reach more people online your brand needs to be aware of the latest changes and updates as well as creating a focused content marketing strategy. Having the right target market with fresh and original blog posts is critical to attracting valuable subscribers and followers on social media.

    Content that converts into sales …

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    New Content Marketing Strategies for Personal Brands

    Choosing the Right Mentor

    In order to establish your brand as a trusted lead in your industry you need a well thought out content marketing strategy. Having the right target market dialed in with stand out blog posts is critical to gaining more subscribers and followers on social media.

    Content that converts into sales is original and appeals to …

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    10 Tips for Boosting Your Startup’s Google Ranking

    You’re living the dream and working to get your startup off the ground. Congratulations; getting started is half the battle. The other half is getting noticed and gaining recognition. There’s no question here: The best way to accomplish this is to boost your Google ranking. As the most popular search engine in the world, it …

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    Making a Name for Your Personal Brand

    In a time where virtually every word imaginable has been used in the creation of a brand name, many entrepreneurs and business owners are finding it difficult to get ahead. The fact is that startups now have to compete on a global scale, increasing the odds of there being some heavy competition against your personal …

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    Top Tips on How Content Marketing Can Help Your Personal Brand

    When building a personal brand we can miss the mark on creating greater visibility online. One way to achieve this is through great content marketing. This strategy not only opens the door to subscribers, but it also builds credibility. Blogging is not a new concept, and the power of creating content your audience that search …

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    How to Improve Your Career in Your Free Time

    How do you get ahead in the workplace?

    Some people over-deliver on projects they are assigned, hoping to be recognized with increased pay or a promotion. Others look for inefficiencies in the company that can serve as new leadership opportunities. Still, some employees favor becoming a voice of the brand, writing external-facing articles and speaking …

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