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The Personal Branding Content Lifecycle

Creating a credible and influential personal brand requires that you create remarkable content. Here is a flow chart that details the different stages of the personal branding content lifecycle. Use it to help you understand the different stages and how to use each stage more effectively as you create the brand called you.

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Personal Branding Interview: Richard Sambrook

Today, I spoke to Richard Sambrook, who is the Director of the BBC’s Global News division, responsible for leading the BBC’s international news services across radio, television and new media.  In this interview, Richard talks about the future of journalism, how the demographics of his blog readers compare to the BBC’s, international news, personal branding …

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Personal Branding Interview: Scott Kirsner

Today, I spoke with Scott Kirsner, who is a Boston Globe journalist and has just released his third book called Friend, Fans & Followers: Building an Audience and a Creative Career in the Digital Age.  In this interview, Scott examines the difference between achieving creative success in the 20th and 21st century.  He also talks …

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Personal Branding Interview: Anita Bruzzese

Today, I spoke with Anita Bruzzese, who is a nationally syndicated columnist on the workplace and award-winning journalist.  You might have seen her work in your local newspaper or in USA Today.  In this interview, Anita weighs in on career development versus personal brand management, how she got her role as a syndicated columnist, if …