Over the course of the past 6 months, I have consumed every piece of knowledge on Personal Branding. I’ve been a product of Personal Branding as well as a spokesman on the subject. I decided after all of my ventures to build an example of what all Personal Brand websites should look like now and in the future. I call this the “360 degree view of a brand.” There were so many different area’s in my life that I wanted to share, so I created a storyline around all of them and the result was DanSchawbel.com. With the 360 degree view, you will view both my professional life, as well as my personal life, all from the same screen. The goal here was to share my learnings, passion and enthusiasm with Personal Branding, while explaining how you can have similar success. I also find it quite interesting that I have built my Personal Brand by preaching on that topic.

Personal Branding really fit my interests, goals, aspirations and strengths, so all my work in this area was well worth it. I’d also like to thank everyone in my network, as well as all of those who opened the opportunities I needed to succeed. There are a few select members of my network who have inspired me and have given me the confidence I needed to overcome obstacles and strive for excellence.

A special thank you to:

  • Alison Doyle: While first starting out on the scene, with a single blog and idea, I decided to publicize my work. Alison, the About.com representative for the “Job Search” area, wanted me to write an article on Personal Branding for her to content area. After seeing my work displayed, I decided to write for more and more places.
  • Jason Alba: With no links on my blog, I had no foundation for building up the property. I reached out to several bloggers who touched on Personal Branding topics (such as career development and marketing), although I found almost no blogs solely dedicated to the subject (which is why I started mine). Jason added me immediately and I started commenting on his blog and other blogs at this time. Now I find myself quoted in his new book and other projects.
  • Family: As I always tell everyone, support is a catalyst for success. It’s not easy to take risks, invest your time in new areas and take on so many projects at once. With my family’s support, I was able to emerge as a leader of Personal Branding, while still retaining my day job.
  • Mentors: Through each of my 8 internships and now into my full-time job at EMC Corporation, I had the pleasure and fortune to have great mentors. People such as Jason Mundy, Joe Markey, Bob Carp, Edward Meyer, Kevin Vacca, Robert DeAngelis, Dean Tsuvales, Marc Baron served as great mentors through my travels.

It’s almost hard to believe that I was able to build this website from scratch, while building my brand through other mediums, while working full-time at a Fortune 500 company. I appreciate any blog or media promotions you may help me with. I feel that this site will prove to the world that Personal Branding can navigate you to future success.

Thank you!