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    Road to Me 2.0: The Benefits and Obstacles of Publishing a Book

    As I near my book launch, which is set for April 7th, I want to reflect back on the process and the perceived benefits and obstacles for publishing a book. Looking back, I laugh because I never used to like reading, writing or presenting, yet that is much of what I do these days.  The …

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    Personal Branding Interview: Richard Thaler

    Today, I spoke with Richard Thaler, who is a professor at the Graduate School of Business at the University of Chicago.  He also authored the bestselling book Nudge.  Richard talks about what a nudge is, an example of a nudge, how they can help us make better business decisions and how technology fits in the …

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    Personal Branding on Display

    What if you were applying for a job and as part of the application, you have to write a post for the company’s blog?

    There are no other requirements for the post and you can write about anything you want.

    This is actually happening right now at an innovation consultancy in Richmond, Virginia! The company, …

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    Barack Hussein Obama Junior: The Best Personal Brand Name Ever?

    With the presidential inauguration only a few days away, we’re about to see how good Barack Obama’s personal brand name really is. Why wait? Here’s a preview.

    The ultimate Web 2.0 name?

    My full name is Jacob Share. That’s it. No middle name, no first initial for a name I don’t like, just Jacob Share. …

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    Welcome to the New and Improved Personal Branding Blog!

    Today marks the first post on my redesigned blog. I’m very excited and have worked the past few months to make this happen for everyone. I’m going to go over my three part blog transition first, then explain where this is heading afterward.

    In the beginning

    My first blog was called Driven-To-Succeed and it was …

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    Road to Me 2.0: The Ultimate Personal Business Card Revealed

    For the release of my new book and to capture everything I do in the personal branding world, I had new business cards made. It costs about $170 to get 1,000 double-sided, color, 12 pt thick, glossy business card.  One side is the cover of my book and the other has my picture, with my …

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    3 Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before 2009

    Here are 3 questions you should ask yourself before we enter 2009.  The reason why I’m asking these is because I want you to think about how you can keep your job and pursue your passion at the same time.

    1.  Are you committed to your current career path for the rest of your life?…

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    How to Brand Yourself When You Have a Twin

    When you have a unique name, face, personal brand statement and skill set, differentiation is natural and fairly easy.  Out of everything I just mentioned, your face is perhaps the most important asset you have, both online and offline.  We spoke about how to brand yourself with business cards some time ago and how your …

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    Each Content Posting Reminds People Your Brand Exists

    A lot of my friends, colleagues, ex-classmates and family wonder why I post ten times a week on this blog, in addition to filming podcasts, tweeting roughly fifty times or so per week and more. There are a lot of reason to be a content producer, not just a consumer, but today I want to …

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    Nombray Offers a Solution to Unify Your Web Presence

    Many of you are flustered with your web presence right now and are trying to make sense of it, as well as manage it. The problem is that it’s hard for people to understand your personal brand, when it’s scattered throughout the web.

    A first impression on the web is equal to the website someone …

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