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    Lies They Tell in Business School

    Anyone who has been to business school knows that there can be huge discrepancies between what’s taught in the classroom and what happens in the working world. These discrepancies aren’t the fault of professors, but are the result of what occurs when humans – and their penchant for unpredictable and less-than-scientific behavior – are thrown …

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    Outrageous Things People Do For Work

    Last Saturday I spoke to the most intelligent audience I’ve ever had: Harvardwood screenwriters. The group’s members are a Harvard meets Hollywood mash-up. You know, Conan O’Brien, Natalie Portman and 80% of the people who write Thursday night sitcoms on NBC.  At least, those are the icons of achievement for this audience.

    Smaller odds?

    You’d …

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    Take Your Personal Development Online

    I’ve been reading the Personal Branding blog since it began.  I only wish it had been around when I graduated from college and started my first job at a New York-based PR agency in 1998.

    I thought I would climb the ladder quickly and be promoted in a year, no sweat. Unfortunately, things didn’t work …

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    It’s the Little Things, Stupid

    I shot a video recently where my first boss said I was “a bit of a mess” out of college. Some people have asked if I was offended by that statement and the answer is absolutely not. For starters, it’s the truth, but – more importantly – if I hadn’t been such a disaster when …

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    Is Your Brand Guilty by Association?

    I got in trouble quite a bit growing up, but not necessarily for misdeeds I had actually committed. My parents were firm believers in “guilty by association”—guilty for just being present when something went wrong.

    As social media becomes more ubiquitous, I bet your brand is in the same position I was all those years …

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    Colleges Need to Teach Personal Branding

    This year will be my 5 year reunion for college and while checking the Luther website for Homecoming information, I took a glance at the tuition costs for next year.  And even though I knew college tuitions have been skyrocketing, I was still shocked by the number:  $32,140  That’s over $10,000 more than when I …

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    Recent College Graduates Listen Up | Build Your Personal Brand

    While doing my weekend reading I came across a few articles from different perspectives on the unemployment rate, job creation, and what new college graduates should do in such a tough job market. The tone was overwhelmingly negative and really didn’t leave you feeling too optimistic about the outlook for the future. Seems like the …

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    Book Giveaway: They Don’t Teach Corporate in College

    My good friend and fellow career expert and spokeswoman, Alexandra Levit, has released a revised edition to her book, They Don’t Teach Corporate in College, which is a mandatory book for any college student who has fears of graduating and stepping into a real “business” world environment.  Most students that enter the workforce are unprepared …

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    Personal Branding Interview: Jaye Fenderson

    Today, I spoke with Jaye Fenderson, who is a college advice columnist for Seventeen.com and the author of Seventeen’s Guide To Getting Into College. We’ve spoken a lot about the economy and it’s impact on employment, as well as tips that regular job seekers can use to get ahead in these tough times.  In this …

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    Graduating in This Economy

    In Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers, it is argued that the year you are born could have a monumental impact on the success you see in your lifetime.  For example, in the 1860s and 1870s, the US economy went through an amazing boom.  If you were lucky enough to be born in the 1830s, then you had …

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