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    Is Someone Getting the Best Out of You?

    is someone getting the best out of you Introduction

    Every day we wake up we have a choice. We can choose to plod through the day or not. We can choose to go thru the motions or not. We can choose to do our best work or not. I tend to fall into the last point here. Sure, there are days when you …

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    Why You Should Think About Google Featured Snippets Again for Your Brand


    Recently Google announced an update of its Featured Snippets for both desktop and mobile search. This provides a personal brand’s website an opportunity to appear in top results with answers to the most pressing questions online. Answers are displayed in a descriptive box in several different formats, including video.

    How is this important for your …

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    Why a Personal Email Address Matters

    Do you have one?

    Do you have more than one?

    How many personal email addresses do you have?

    Personal Email Addresses Matter

    In my case I currently have three that I regularly stay connected with and respond to inbound email. How many do you have? If none, why not? Perhaps this post will help change …

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    Master Google AuthorRank to Improve Personal Search Rankings

    Google’s new AuthorRank algorithm is going to help you make a big splash in the personal branding arena, because Google is going to be able to rank the trustworthiness of blog and article authors, and your score could have a positive or negative effect on your article’s placement in the search rankings.

    I wrote about …

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    Should My Real Name Be My Domain Name?

    For a long time, businesses could be successful by buying a domain name that exactly matched the keywords of what they did. For example, if you owned a keyboard sanitizing service, you would buy something like KeyboardSanitizing.com.

    Without any extra work, you could occupy a top 5 ranking on Google, easy peasy, thanks to the …

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    Google AuthorRank Helps Personal Branding

    If you’ve been hearing some talk about Google’s new AuthorRank algorithm, you need to pay attention to what’s going on with it, because it’s going to affect not only your SEO, but your personal branding.

    AuthorRank is Google’s determination of how much they trust you to provide interesting, valuable content, and not dirty, nasty spam.…

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    Google vs. Facebook Mark: Google Loses the Battle

    Social media’s space has become so crowded that CNBC now has a Social Media stock analyst whose entire specialty are the social media stocks. Groupon, LinkedIn, Google and the closely watched upcoming Facebook IPO including commentary on its pre-IPO private market performance.

    Goliath Google launches +

    Google launched it’s own social network, Google+, in July …

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    Three Expert Secrets to Winning Your Personal Branding Search

    Winning search for your name is a great personal branding achievement, especially if you have an uncommon name. Having a unique name like Erik Deckers is a no-brainer. Toss up a blog, a Twitter account, and your LinkedIn page, and you’re all set. Just make sure to keep your social media footprint clean, and you’ll …

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    Personal Branding on Google+

    [Note: this post was first published on AMEX OpenForum.com]

    Our personal branding strategy may soon include Google+. This new breed of social network has features you won’t find on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or LinkedIn. The Google+ technology allows you to filter and group your friends into “Circles,” which reflect how we decipher relationships in real …

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    Personal Brand Audit: What’s Your Google Score?

    This is part 3 in the “Personal Brand Audit” series. Feel free to start at the beginning with Part 1: LinkedIn Audit and Part 2: Facebook Audit.

    Google is today’s instant reputation check

    Google is how we find out more about people: first dates, business partners, celebrities, clients. It’s fast, easy, and objective. That’s why …

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