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Pioneers Have Passion, Settlers Accept Stagnation

Do you have passion? Do you have something you love to do or want to achieve, and you are constantly working and thinking about how to get there? Or are you marching in place, content to be in motion without actually getting anywhere in life?

I’ve realized over the last few years how important passion …

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Motivation Is Required To Succeed

Recently, I had an eyebrow-raising call. My Prospect said outright that although she knows her services are exactly what her clientele needs she cannot convert them to clients. After a lengthy discussion, I offered a number of suggestions of how to improve the process.

Categories of ambition

The content of my program was discussed to …

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Are You a Victim of Yourself

Are you getting in your own way?  Are you sabotaging your own success?  Are you knocking on your own door of achievement but refusing to open the door to let yourself in?

Meet Eric, Karen, Bill, and Deanna

“I’m not one of those people.” Eric tells me. “I’m way beyond that.  I’ve got my own …