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Senator Scott Brown’s Brand Lessons

You’ve heard about Senator Scott Brown from Massachusetts by now. He’s the Republican (yes, you read that correctly) who made international headlines by winning Senator Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat (not a Republican) in the bluest state in the country and upsetting the Democratic majority in the U.S. Senate…no mean feat.

How did he do it? …

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More Lessons in Personal Branding from NPR’s Car Talk

In my original analysis of National Public Radio’s Car Talk, I discussed 4 of the 7 essentials of strong and enduring brands described in Patrick Hanlon’s Primal Branding.

For over 25 years, Car Talk – as anyone who drives anywhere within FM radio reception  of a public radio station on a Saturday or Sunday knows …

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The Power of Referral Partners: Why Two Brands are Better Than One

Whenever I’m at a conference or networking event, my favorite group of people to look for are those I can learn from, who have specific expertise that they are passionate about and love to share. I thoroughly enjoy finding out what people do, what’s been successful for them, and applying those ideas to my own …

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Not Getting Traction with Your Personal Brand?

Lessons from George “Why No T-Bone?” Costanza

During one of the funniest episodes of Seinfeld’s final season, George tells Jerry he’s tired of his name and wants to find a nickname that makes people light up.

“I’m thinking T-Bone,” says George.


“But there’s no T in your name!” exclaims Jerry.

Not surprisingly, when George …