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    A Personal Branding Overview in 5 Short Video Clips

    Whether you’re new to personal branding or have already built a strong brand, there’s something for everyone in the personal branding video playlist below.

    The 5 clips run just over15 minutes in total.  Enjoy.

    The primary element in developing your personal brand

    Watch: Kaplan Mobray: 10Ks of Personal Branding

    The 3 fundamentals of a good…
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    Personal Branding TV: Episode 9 – On-Blog / Off-Blog Networking


    Personal Branding TV is back, with another episode. This episode positions me with Boston College student Scott Bradley, who has a keen interest in networking and bridging strong business and social relationships. As you build your blog, extend your reach through social networks and connect to individuals that share similar interests, you can take …

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    Personal Branding TV: Episode 8 – Changing Majors


    Personal Branding TV (Episode 8 – Changing Majors)

    This week, I discussed the topic of changing majors with a concerned student. This uncertainty occurs when a student is trying to unlock their personal brand. Without truly knowing what you want to do, it’s a challenge to plan ahead and know what type of job …

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    Re-branding Phase 2: Personal Branding TV 2.0

    I decided to make a post series about how I’m re-branding my entire “wordrobe” of personal branding sites. I feel this will help others who are either experiencing branding problems or are trying to reinvent their own site design/format. Also, it’s important to evolve your brand, so it doesn’t get stale, but remains consistent.  The …

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    The Future of Recruitment: Exclusive Interview with Jim Buttimer, COO of CareerTV.com


    Watch as I discuss video resumes and the future of recruitment with the brand behind CareerTV.com, Jim Buttimer.  CareerTV is the world’s first interactive TV website to help college students and young professionals find successful careers within the world’s top companies.  As the COO, Jim has developed the architecture behind CareerTV.com, with a focus …

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    Announcing DanSchawbel.com: The Next Generation of Personal Branding Online

    Over the course of the past 6 months, I have consumed every piece of knowledge on Personal Branding. I’ve been a product of Personal Branding as well as a spokesman on the subject. I decided after all of my ventures to build an example of what all Personal Brand websites should look like now and …

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    Personal Branding News: July Roundup Part 1

    So far this month, there has been some very impressive articles relating to Personal Branding. I’ve taken the liberty to capture this news in one post to share with all of you. It also goes to show that Personal Branding reaches out to multiple topics and affects various audiences at once.


    The Golden Age …

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    Believe in yourself and your brand

    Your brand is the total combined sum of your personality, appearance, competencies, all held together by one or more differentiating qualities. In order to communicate your brand message to your audience, you need to believe in yourself and the brand you’ve established. You need to be confident that you have discovered the correct career path, …

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    In 30 seconds or less what is your elevator pitch?

    Picture this:  You have worked at this company for almost 3 years and are actively pursuing a management role in your group.  Your company owns the first three floors of a small office park and the company has approximately 400 employees.  You’re stuck in an elevator with an executive and no one else.  The elevator …

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    Guest Speaker: Lou Longo on Public Speaking

    Lou Longo, a member of my network, shares his thoughts on public speaking. As you know, public speaking is a time, where you interact directly with your audience and where they judge you based on appearance, competency, personality and differentiation. Lou understands this and shares his thoughts:


    Have you ever listened to a speaker …

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