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    Unexpected: What Happened 6 Months Since Publishing My Ebook

    6 months ago on June 12, 2012, I published my multimedia ebook Camera Ready: How to Present Your Best Self and Ideas On Air or Online. After having two kids and “leaning back” in my career (as Anne-Marie Slaughter and Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg call it) by freelancing part-time for a couple of years, I …

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    What Have You Done Today to Win Iowa?

    “Focus is bringing everything you have to what you want and cutting off everything else.”~ Mary Wells Lawrence, Advertising Legend

    I’m reading David Plouffe’s book The Audacity to Win. If you haven’t read it yet, Plouffe was Obama’s campaign manager in his race to the White House, and the book is a fascinating chronicle of …

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    Create Your Own Career Insurance Policy via Your Personal Brand

    Is anyone else sick of hearing people use the recession as an excuse for just about everything? “Oh well I can’t, you know, the recession…”

    Well, Negative Nancy, guess what? You should of learned your lesson when the dot com bubble burst and then again after September 11- there is no such thing as job …

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    The Importance of Social Equity Over Financial Equity

    I was surfing through some Gary Vaynerchuk videos and stumbled across this post from March 28, 2008: Legacy Is Greater Than Currency.

    The video basically breaks down Gary’s thought on financial decisions compared to legacy and social decisions. I have been debating internally about the concept of personal branding in the social media marketing realm …

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    Personal Branding Video | Gary Vaynerchuk

    I love this video clip where Gary Vaynerchuk shares how you can crush it through building your personal brand and equity in yourself. It was filmed in November of 2008, but it’s still as relevant as ever — it’s a must watch video if you want to gain some insight on how to get ahead …

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    Is Facebook Now The Top Personal Branding Tool?

    Dan Schawbel did a great job of notifying everyone in advance of the major development of vanity URL’s over at Facebook. I hope most of you were able to get your name or something quite close — I was real pumped to be able to grab www.facebook.com/chadlevitt. There’s been a ton of chatter on Twitter …

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    Personal Branding Interview: Samantha Ettus

    Today, I spoke with Samantha Ettus, who just launched her new online video series called Obsessed TV, in collaboration with Gary Vaynerchuk.  Samantha has had bestselling books, done interviews with celebrities and has been on TV many times.  In this interview, she talks to us about her new show, how she’s able to get in …

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    Announcing the Gary Vaynerchuk Edition of Personal Branding Magazine!


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    Personal Branding Magazine – Volume 2, Issue 2

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    Title: The Personal Branding Gold Rush

    Description: Volume 2, Issue 2 is a call to action. Now is the time for building your personal eBrand. Laggards will be lost in a Google cloud of dust, while …

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