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Small Business Owners: How to Get Your Life Back

The first post of this series, Big Challenges for Small Business Owners, examined the three biggest challenges owners face: people, finances, and time. In the The Small Business People Puzzle: Part 1 and Part 2, we looked deeper into the challenge of finding, selecting, attracting, orienting, training, motivating, and retaining the right people to ensure …

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How to Successfully Work with and Manage Millenials

Is the younger, tech-crazed generation giving you a run for your money in the workplace?

An interesting benefit of my work as a professional speaker is interacting with sometimes thousands of people every week, across generations. Few topics illustrate generational differences in the workplace as technology, my particular topic. In fact, it’s impossible to discuss …

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David Grutman: Bartending in Aventura to the King of South Beach Nightlife

Last week I got the opportunity to chat with David Grutman, one of the founding partners of Miami Marketing Group; the company behind the top Miami nightclubs LIV, STORY, and LIV Sun Life Stadium. Over the course of this interview we will get insight into moving up the ranks of South Beach nightlife, relationship management, …