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    Evolving Brand Scams

    Today's bad actors are scam personal brand opportunists, and the players are like streams of water pouring over outdated or weak defenses. Today’s bad actors are scam personal brand opportunists, and the players are like streams of water pouring over outdated or weak defenses.

    At its most basic level, cybersecurity is a data protection scams discipline in which we aim to preserve the “soft, chewy middle” of our organizations and our personal lives. It was a barrier …

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    6 Simple but Critical Cybersecurity Measures for Businesses


    For businesses, investing in cybersecurity measures is a must to maintain a strong brand. Threats are often indiscriminate. Attacks don’t target companies because they are perceived to be successful, and there’s a good hoard to steal. Even new and small companies become the subject of the assaults. Of note, small businesses were the victims of …

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    Not All Website Hosting Companies are Created Equal: Choosing The Right One


    A professional website host provider for WordPress is just the start to establishing your personal brand online. It’s important to choose one that can offer fast page loads, a dedicated email, and good security to block hackers. While many claim to offer many similar services at a low rate it’s important to focus on quality …

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    How to Protect Your Data

    Protect Your Data

    Cybercrime incidents are on the rise and unfortunately, these crimes cost businesses a lot. Many small businesses are not prepared for cyber crimes because they don’t have the necessary budget and manpower for this. However, they should also be careful because no one knows whom hackers are going to come after. Therefore, every business should …

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    The Importance of a Good Web Hosting Service for Your Brand

    Website Hosting Companies

    Choosing a reputable website hosting company for your brand is the beginning to attracting more subscribers. The goal is to provide them with the best experience possible, and to rank higher in the search engines.

    What type of host has the best service at a price you can afford? There are quite a few companies …

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    Secure Your Data Before It’s Too Late

    Secure Data

    Any data — or information — you produce in the digital space is considered a record. This includes social media data, emails, local and cloud-based files and much more.

    Believe it or not, even the most mundane information can be used against you if it falls into the wrong hands. Your address, full name and …

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    Job Security or Job Insecurity?


    Unfortunately, as much as we’d like to think that our careers are entirely in our hands, there are many factors over which we have no control. Keeping your current job may be one of them. Of course, there are things you can do to increase your job security. Working hard, continually learning, and taking responsibility …

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    5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Trust Social Networks

    The most common clash I see between the social network user and the hosting company is that users want functionality and free connectivity, while companies are looking to pleasure investors by generating revenue. The reason why MySpace won’t exist in five years is because they chose advertising over the user experience, whereas Facebook did the …

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