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Why Corporate Promotional Products are Still Important

All of the businesses want to reach out more and more customers and they try many different marketing tactics for this. They use social media, TV and magazine ads, and outdoor campaigns. However, they often forget promotional products or undervalue the power of them. Handing out free promotional products can be very powerful for your …

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Job Promotions Come From a Few Right Words From the Right People

You see, right now, private conversations are taking place in secret sessions. Behind closed doors with shades drawn, management muckity-mucks sitting in high-back leather chairs are thinking hard about you and a smattering of your competitors. One person is enthusiastically singled out with the confirmatory statement, “He’s different.” Someone asks, “What do you mean?” and …

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Congratulations! You’ve Been Promoted to Management. Now What?

Congratulations!  That promotion you have been working so hard for has finally come to fruition. You’re a manager!  So now what?

Depending on the type of company you work for, you may be whisked off into a management training program or, and all too commonly, you may be left to fend for yourself with the …

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5 Things I Have Learned As a Generation Y Business Owner

Almost three years. THREE YEARS!

It has almost been three years since my company drove a stake into the ground in Indianapolis and Oklahoma City. It is funny to look back on the process and change the business has gone through. From working out of an apartment to moving into offices, hiring employees, speaking through …