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    Personal Branding Weekly: You’re Great at Remembering Names, Right?


    There is so much that is normally going on during the course of introductions to others. Sometimes we’re at a “grip, grin and graze” and we don’t even have a free hand to shake with. Sometimes we’re trying so hard to formulate our “elevator pitch” that we never hear what the other person even said. …

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    Passed Over for the Top Job

    Employee Race photo from Shutterstock

    You have spent years building your application – solid experience, top skills, and a solid reputation.  You are ready to  take the leap to the next level within your organization only to see the opportunity go to someone from the outside.  What are you to do?  Two years ago, the Chronicle of Higher Education posted …

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    The ABC of Retaining Brand Dominance

    Building a business is a long process from initial idea, to start-up tasks, to identifying and reaching a market. And then it happens, your business is a success. You’ve captured a market share and have a loyal following. Now you can sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Right? Wrong.

    Especially in today’s …

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    Should Baby Boomers Care About Their Personal Brand?

    Baby Boomers, should you care about your Personal Brand?

    I have written a couple of posts on this topic in the last few months:

    Personal Brand and the Baby Boom Generation Baby Boomer Personal Branding using Social Media

    Each time I have posted links to these posts on a variety of LinkedIn groups.

    I have …

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    3 Ways New Grads Can Increase Job Search Luck

    It’s not news that Generation Y is raked over the coals from time to time. They have been labeled as self-centered, lazy and attention-deficit-disordered. In some cases, they have been bashed for having parents who dote on them so much that they have an inflated sense of self and entitlement.

    The truth is, most of …

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    Independent Contractor

    A couple of days ago, I was reading an article about career management and came across the following advice:

    If you want to survive and see new opportunities, “think of yourself as an independent contractor,”  said CRAIG ALLEN, Creator, ‘Career Doctors’ radio show. “It does not mean you can’t be loyal to the company, but you …

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    Why Cover Letters Still Matter

    It may be the era of texting, multitasking and communicating in 140 characters or less, but when it comes to finding a job, cover letters still matter. Long gone are the days when you would send a recruiter or hiring manager a cover letter and resume in the mail, but even though the medium of …

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    How to Deal with Office Politics

    Like it or not, office politics is a fact of life in any work place. It is something that you need to understand and learn how to deal with in order to achieve success in your organization. If you learn how to master office politics, then you can be sure that you will climb the …

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    Knowing When Your Career Tank is on Empty

    Your career tank can be similar to your automobile gas tank in that you have to fill it up from time to time. You have to make sure you have enough motivation, energy and positive relations with your current employer that if you want to make a change, you can do so relatively painlessly. If …

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    Just Stop Talking

    I have recently chosen to not work with a new salesperson from a vendor that I’ve worked with for years. Why? They wouldn’t stop talking. As much as I’d like to learn more about you to develop a long term sales relationship, if you’re looking to sell to me, or anyone, you’ve got a lesson …

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