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    Why Big Data is Important for Businesses

    First, let’s start with the definition of big data. Big data means large sets of structured and unstructured data. It is so large and complex that regular data processing techniques do not work in dealing with this type of data sets. Generally, in the industry, the 3V model is used to describe big data. These …

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    Who is Challenging your Thinking?

    thinking handy

    If you don’t have someone regularly challenging your thinking my recommendation is to get someone to fill that role … today.

    It could be a friend, a peer or a mentor. Or, as you’ll see below it could be someone you have never met and will never meet.

    I’m sure you are finding that your …

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    7 Keys to Entrepreneur Success

    Successful entrepreneurs exhibit a series of traits and behaviors that set their businesses apart from their competition. Striving for perfection in every area is, of course, next to impossible. But with an awareness of what has made business leaders in the past successful, getting close to perfection is achievable.

    Here are 7 key ways to …

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    If it didn’t happen by 19… that’s OK

    What did you come up with when you were 19 years old?

    Did it change the world?

    In case you missed it Microsoft just turned 40.

    Bill Gates was just 19 when he and Paul Allen founded the company. Whether you are a fan of Microsoft or not the vision and execution of their vision …

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    Personal Branding Magazine Issue 18 With Clayton Christensen!

    Personal Branding Magazine – Volume 5, Issue 2 Brand Innovation


    Volume 5, Issue 2 focuses on how to innovate and cause disruption in your industry. Clayton Christensen, featured in our cover story, is a pioneer when it comes to teaching companies how to build and maintain a successful enterprise through innovation. “Disruption innovation,” a …

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    Personal Branding Interview: William C. Taylor

    Today, I spoke to William C. Taylor, who is a cofounder of Fast Company and coauthor of the national bestseller Mavericks at Work. His latest book is called Practically Radical. In this interview, William talks about new trends that are shaping the workplace, obstacles individuals are facing right now, how to stand out from the …

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    A Lesson in Personal Branding from Apple

    To many, Apple is more than just a company – it’s an institution. I’m not a 100% Apple product consumer, but I’ve sipped some of the Kool-Aid. I’ve always admired the company for it’s innovative thinking, and finally took some time to think about some of the elements of the company that make it so …

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    Bright Shiny Objects and Babies Like Me

    I have a baby brain, even now after all these grown-up years.

    A baby’s brain is exceptionally plastic, “captivated by the most unexpected events” and keen on seeing probabilities, while not terrifically impressed by certainties, per Alison Gopnik in Sunday’s New York Times.

    Sounds like an entrepreneur’s brain, at least during the start up phase …

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