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    Does Your Brand Need to Be on YouTube? Yes!

    As social media content skews increasingly more to the visual, YouTube has immense potential to improve the online presence of your brand.

    When it comes to social media marketing, YouTube is often treated as something of an also-ran, a little sister we forget. Yet as social media content skews more and more to the visual, YouTube has immense potential to improve your brand’s online presence. How? Let’s take a quick look.

    YouTube Branding Is Fast-Growing

    Would you …

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    Use YouTube for Fast, Inexpensive Branding

    YouTube is a powerful branding machine. Forget about LinkedIn for now; your brand will thrive on YouTube. At half the cost and half the time. YouTube is a powerful branding machine. Forget about LinkedIn for now; your brand will thrive on YouTube. At half the cost and half the time.

    LinkedIn is the first social media platform you think of when you think about using it to build your personal brand.

    It’s where you can find people who care about …

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    Grow Your Brand’s YouTube Following Rate Despite the Latest Changes

    How your brand’s video is found on YouTube is important to your audience and the bottom line. A well thought out and focused strategy will not only increase engagement in your marketing, but will also create a greater visibility even though recent algorithm changes have taken place.

    If you have had a channel for a …

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    10 Social Platforms Best Suited for Building Your Brand

    Social Media Phone What is your favorite social media platform for enhancing your personal brand and why?

    The following answers are provided by members of Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC), an invite-only organization comprised of the world’s most promising young entrepreneurs. In partnership with Citi, YEC recently launched BusinessCollective, a free virtual mentorship program that helps millions of entrepreneurs …

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    Grow Your Personal Brand’s YouTube Subscribers

    Having a well-planned visual marketing strategy is an important part of building your personal brand online. Leveraging YouTube to its fullest potential can increase your visibility and influence online.

    Video is one of the best methods today that builds a larger audience and following online, which makes this a must-use strategy for brands. Posting relevant …

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    Creating a YouTube Channel for Your Personal Brand

    While there are several platforms you can host your videos on, you cannot deny the leader in the video space is YouTube.  Even though other platforms can be perceived as more professional or you may even have more control of ads appearing or not and recommended videos appearing or not, remember what I said about …

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    7 Ways to Enhance Your Personal Brand’s Video Presence

    Visual content has quickly become the center of attention in marketing, with micromedia often stealing the spotlight thanks to platforms such as Vine, Instagram and Pinterest. At this point, incorporating the same kind of media into your own content strategy is downright essential. This doesn’t just include images, however. Videos are just as important – …

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    Can You Make the 10% Social Media Commitment

    How many followers do you have on Social Media?

    Would you be willing to make the commitment to meet 10% of them in person?

    How about 20% or even 50% of them? Would you be willing to make the time, the effort and the commitment to go out and physically meet at least 10% of …

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    Video Presentations: One Easy Way to Keep Them Watching

    Audiences make snap judgments about anyone on camera. Viewers immediately assume someone is hostile if they look slightly angry. A confused look can come across as dopey. A blank face looks snooty or boring. That’s because video amplifies every facial expression—and often viewers don’t stick around to find out if their first impression was wrong. …

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    3 Tips to Making Great Video at Conferences

    Why is an internet provider writing blog posts like “3 Ways To Make Your New Brand Bloom” or uploading videos called “3 Tips and 1 Must-Do From (Marketing Expert) Ann Handley”?

    With Cox Blue, Cox Communications wants to be a resource for marketing know-how, not just a company that will hook up your wifi. Ever …

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