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Are We the Dumbest Generation?

There is an underground campaign slowly spreading through the rank and file of many academics, journalists, and other individuals. This campaign can be aptly named the Digital Stupidity of the Younger Generations. I have been reading quite a few posts recently about the lack of “true” intelligence in the digital generation. Frankly, I’ve reached my …

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Perception vs Reality in Social Media

Is social media everything we really make it out to be? Is there an imbalance between perception and reality? I would venture to say yes. Before we get into the underlying argument of the two terms… let’s define them (from

Perception: a single unified awareness derived from sensory processes while a stimulus is present.…

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Personal Branding Interview: Jason Ryan Dorsey

Today, I spoke to Jason Ryan Dorsey, who is considered the Gen Y Guy®, an acclaimed keynote speaker, bestselling author, corporate consultant and award-winning entrepreneur. In the past twelve years, he has delivered 1,800 keynote speeches around the world, and his latest book is called Y-Size Your Business. In this interview, Jason tells us about …

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5 Things I Have Learned As a Generation Y Business Owner

Almost three years. THREE YEARS!

It has almost been three years since my company drove a stake into the ground in Indianapolis and Oklahoma City. It is funny to look back on the process and change the business has gone through. From working out of an apartment to moving into offices, hiring employees, speaking through …

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Personal Branding Interview: Heather Huhman

Today, I spoke to Heather Huhman, who is the founder & president of Come Recommended, a contributor to this blog, and author of #ENTRYLEVELtweet: Taking Your Career from Classroom to Cubicle. In this interview, Heather talks about the obstacle that most entry-level candidates face, what companies are looking for in candidates, some personal branding and …

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Personal Branding Blog: Lisa Orrell

Today, I spoke to Lisa Orrell, who is The Generation Relations Expert and author of “Millennials Into Leadership.”  In this interview, Lisa explains some Gen-Y stereotypes, what it takes to be a millennial leader, what millennials complain about in the workplace, and how she’s built her own personal brand.

Name at least 3 Millennial stereotypes…
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